AVS Audio Editor

AVS Audio Editor 10.1

Cut, join, trim, mix, split, and delete parts of audio files

If you usually need to manipulate audio files, AVS Audio Editor may be the right application for this purpose because this tool is quite easy to use and powerful at the same time. The program supports a wide range of audio formats, and fortunately, it can also strip audio from video files. Not only that, it grabs songs from a CD and records sounds from a microphone or your computer’s card.

As most applications of this kind, AVS Audio Editor allows such operations as cutting, trimming, copying and pasting segments, which you can then arrange to create a new composition. Luckily, you can have visual feedback of the audio you are editing in the waveform, spectral and envelope views. A feature that deserves special attention is the audio mixer as it lets you add various sound files to different tracks, which can be configured separately.

As to available effects, the application supports those that are commonly found in other tools as well, for instance, normalizing, fading in or out, echo, chorus, reverb, vibrato, pitch switch and many others. Moreover, it can generate silence and noise. By the way, the program also includes a noise removal feature, although it may not yield the expected results. Lastly, it is excellent that you can even apply the selected effects to batches of audio files, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

Once you are done editing, you can export your work to various popular formats. In addition, there are several output profiles for each of these formats, some of them labeled according to the intended purpose.

To conclude, AVS Audio Editor is a good choice in terms of audio editing. Unfortunately, it reported an error while I was trying to import a video soundtrack. If you are interested in the product, then you will be pleased to know that its trial version has almost no limitations, except for an annoying screen that appears before you can export your work to a file.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Supports multiple audio formats
  • Imports audio from video, sound card and microphone
  • Mixes audio in different tracks
  • Numerous audio effects
  • Noise reduction
  • Applies effects to batches of audio files


  • Error while importing audio from video
  • Noise reduction not always effective
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